Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's Aliveeee! Sprouts Edition, Part III! Ahh!

Hey everyone! This is the third installment of It's Aliveeee! Sprouts Edition! The first two can be found here and here!

It's now been ~2 days since we started, so the beans/lentils have been soaked overnight, then rinsed and drained and let sit in a cool dark place, and rinsed twice (well, theoretically. Actually, only once! I forgot about them, oops!).

YAY! They've sprouted!

 And woah! It's a sproutsplosion! They really took off (despite my neglect) and are growing magnificently. 

"Help! Let me out of this jar!"

Both sets of lentils have little sprout tails, and the mung beans have really grown! It's pretty amazing to see how much they were able to grow in a day with nothing more than a little water. It's also crazy how little we started out with when they were dry seeds, and how close they are now to filling the jars!

Step 3: Continue to rinse sprouts twice daily with cold water and drain well, until the radicle (wooo plant terminology!) is of desired length.

A word of caution about sprouts - before eating home grown sprouts (or probably store bought ones too... or mostly food in general, haha), you should smell them to make sure they haven't gone bad or grown mold. Most sprouts won't really smell like much on their own, so if they have a strong odor it's probably safest to toss them and start over. That being said, these ones smell fine! :D

At this point, the sprouts are all edible, but they'll also grow more if you let them! I'm going to give mine another day and see what happens! See you then! :)

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