Friday, June 24, 2011

It's Aliveeee! Sprouts Edition, Part IV!

Hey everyone! I am pleased to present to you the fourth and final post of It's Aliveeee! Sprouts Edition!

[Insert bad sprouts pun here!]
After another day of being ignored by me, the sprouts have grown wonderfully! The french and green lentils really grew long radicles... yum! The mung beans really took off too, most of them are thick like the ones you'd find in a store, hooray!

Woah! These sprouts are so totally radicle! (Haha...)
Overall, sprouting success! I started with only 1/3 cup of each dried seed in a jar, and after a few days, the jars were completely full! It took next to no work, and no special equipment or ingredients. I'll definitely be doing lots more sprouting in the future, and experiment with different kinds of beans and seeds!

Step 4: Eat the sprouts!!!

Yay! :D

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Lushima said...

Whoa, it looks as if great ideas have sprouted from this!

amymylove said...

you've checked out right? that's where i bought my goodies... i've only sprouted and liked alfalfa though... chia was disgusting imho to eat, so i plan to use the seeds in other ways... alfalfa is legit... wheat grass seeds haven't been touched... thanks for the reminder :)

Ariel said...

Oh, neat! I've never seen that site before, but it looks like they have some great stuff. I definitely want to try alfalfa and some other smaller-seeded sprouts sometime soon!

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