Monday, February 20, 2012

Spicy Stir-Fried Tempeh with Coconut Curry Rice!

This dish is delish! It's got a wonderful mix of subtle flavors, warming spices and filling heartiness that's perfect for a cold day, a rainy day... a Monday... any day! :)

Tempeh-ting you with tempeh!
Here is a lil' history on this dish! So one day my boss was eating this really awesome smelling rice curry coconut thing, and I (Alex) kept staring it. He eventually told me what it was and offered me a taste, and I probably had the closest thing to an orgasm in the lab without getting in trouble or embarrassed (yes, thanks for sharing). He then e-mailed me the recipe, and we made it with some improvisation, and it turned out awesome!

It packs a balanced and healthy punch of whole grain and hearty protein, and coconut fat which is *totally* good for you (according to some people). And tasty! :D