Saturday, March 24, 2012

What's GROWING on the blarg?!

Woah! What's that growing on the blarg?!

Check out all the neat things we've been growing in our kitchen (and rooms) - lots of delicious live and fermented foods!

Alex has become a certified Kombucha Master (K.M.)*.
*(not an actual certification... an honorary mention by a very satisfied taste tester.. me! (Ariel) :D) 
It's watching me...! ~(@o@~)
We made a giant batch of kimchi, korean spicy pickled/fermented cabbage! Yummmm!
Tossed up with some lentils and curry tofu! Mmmm...
We've also been experimenting with homemade SOY YOGURT with some pretty delicious results!
And last but definitely not least, we've been growing and making whole-wheat sourdough bread (the sour's from live bacteria!) from a bit of culture we got from a friend!
Growing live foods is a constant work in progress - there are so many factors that influence how your culture responds, so we're continually experimenting to improve our results! :)

There are lots of great resources out there for learning how to grow your own live foods, and we're planning to put up detailed instructions/document our successes and minor flops (no utter failures yet, but some less tasty successes than others) sometime soon! There's a whole world of live food to be explored!

Have you tried growing any live food? :)


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