Wednesday, January 30, 2013

India 2! ...And off to Nepal!

Hi again! A little bit more from Delhi, India. I've mostly been working for the past few days (and enjoying fantastic food in the meantime, of course), and tonight we're headed back to the airport and out to Nepal!

Oh, you know, just some really good Indian food. :) 
We also were lucky enough to get the chance to explore and experience a little bit of Old Dehli yesterday evening after the workshop.

Back in a tuk-tuk!
We once again hopped on tuk-tuks, checked out some markets, and then got off into the bustling crowds of people, bicycles, motorbikes, and cars making their way through the narrow streets.

The crowds in Old Delhi.

Monday, January 28, 2013

First stop: India! ...and a recipe from Mexico for Horchata Eggnog!

Hi from Delhi, India! I've been here for a day and a half or so (a large part of which was spent catching up on sleep, haha), and I have some adventures (and food!) to share.

One of the temples we visited - Laxmi Narayan.
Between the airplane and the hotel we're staying in, I'm pretty sure I've already had the best Indian food that I've ever had. Think delicious, rich curries, warm daal and rice, soft breads, and everything bursting with vibrant flavors.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Ensalada de nopales, on-the-go (me, not the salad!)

Hi from Newark airport! Since I last posted a week ago, I have... moved from Texcoco into an apartment in Mexico City with some friends, eaten delicious mangoes, found a promising taekwondo/MMA school, been vaccinated for Yellow Fever, packed my bags and hopped on a plane towards... India!

Leaving Mexico City!
Before I get too overwhelmed with amazing delicious beautiful new things to blarg about (brace yourselves to be bombarded with pictures! I'm bracing myself to start taking them!), I figured there's no better time than an 8-hour layover to catch up on blarg backlog*.
*this is not a medical condition

More o' those mountains. :)
SNOW IN NEWARK!!!! (I'm a little winter-deprived)
So without further ado, I present some Mexican-inspired recipes, Nopales Salad and coming up next... Horchata Eggnog!

Nopales salad and nopales are very easy to come by here, but you may have a pretty hard time finding them elsewhere. I had never seen them (in NY, not surprising) before coming to Mexico, but you never know! :)

Beware of puppy noses.

Friday, January 18, 2013

More Mexico... and recipes coming soon!

Hi guys, Ariel here! Sorry for the long absence - things have been super busy here! Between work, traveling for the holidays, (and also not really having a way to upload photos from my camera to my computer, grumble...), I've been struggling to get a post up here, sorry!

Fruits and veggies from the local market. :)
But not to worry, I've still been hard at work cooking, baking, and documenting. :)

Home-made nopal (cactus) salad! Recipe soon!
So until I have time to put together a proper entry, here's a quick preview of some recipes soon to come!