Wednesday, January 30, 2013

India 2! ...And off to Nepal!

Hi again! A little bit more from Delhi, India. I've mostly been working for the past few days (and enjoying fantastic food in the meantime, of course), and tonight we're headed back to the airport and out to Nepal!

Oh, you know, just some really good Indian food. :) 
We also were lucky enough to get the chance to explore and experience a little bit of Old Dehli yesterday evening after the workshop.

Back in a tuk-tuk!
We once again hopped on tuk-tuks, checked out some markets, and then got off into the bustling crowds of people, bicycles, motorbikes, and cars making their way through the narrow streets.

The crowds in Old Delhi.
Jama Masjid, would have loved to see it during the day but it was
cool to get a glimpse. :) 
We walked to a restaurant guided by a friend from the India office (while trying not to get squished by passing vehicles/step on anyone else's feet!), and escaped the chaos through a small alley that brought us to our destination.

Making our way to the restaurant in Old Delhi.
Down the rabbit hole...
Even though the restaurant wasn't geared towards vegetarians, I had no problem finding something to eat and filled up on daal, mixed vegetables, rice, and naan that we shared.

... and here we are!
Chow time.
Heading back to the Metro.
One of the really spectacular luxuries of visiting India for me has been the ease with which I can find food of incredible variety (and deliciousness!) that is vegetarian (which here generally includes no eggs) and vegan.

I think especially having come directly from Mexico, where I rarely am able to find much in the local cuisine that I can eat, being able to enjoy so much of the regional food has been really wonderful.

Sorry about the blur! Some of the traffic we were dodging. :) 
(I've also been spoiled with really delicious food (and lots of fruit and veggies) where we are staying and because of the workshop... here's a little of that!)

The vegetarian side of the lunch buffet.
Haaq kebab on the left... no clue what that actually is, haha.
Karela masala  on the right - bitter vegetables sauteed
with delicious spices.

(okay, so a lot of it..!)

Shadras subziya on the right, mixed vegetables in another flavorful
 spicy sauce, and palak corn, spinach with corn on the left. 
Daal fry - delicious spicy split pea/lentil dish
Missed the name of this one, but it was beans cooked similarly to daal. Mm.
Fancy fresh veggies!
I'm really glad that I was able to come here and experience a small part of the country, even if only for a few days. Though I don't feel like I have any kind of meaningful understanding of Delhi (and definitely not of India as a whole), it was great to get to be in a place I'd only ever heard about before, and to form the fresh impressions that inevitably come with being in a new place. It's almost surreal to have traveled so far in so little time and be leaving as quickly as I came.

And now I'm off to Nepal! Prepare for EVEN MORE PICTURES, more delicious food, and inevitably more of my rambling. Hahaha!

See you soon! :)


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