Friday, January 18, 2013

More Mexico... and recipes coming soon!

Hi guys, Ariel here! Sorry for the long absence - things have been super busy here! Between work, traveling for the holidays, (and also not really having a way to upload photos from my camera to my computer, grumble...), I've been struggling to get a post up here, sorry!

Fruits and veggies from the local market. :)
But not to worry, I've still been hard at work cooking, baking, and documenting. :)

Home-made nopal (cactus) salad! Recipe soon!
So until I have time to put together a proper entry, here's a quick preview of some recipes soon to come!

Chocolate peanut butter... surprisingly simple!
I'll also be going to be traveling to Indian and Nepal next week (!!!!) to help teach a workshop, so expect way too many photos of delicious food (and probably lots of other things too). :)

On the way to vegan horchata eggnog... mmmmm. :)
More coming soon!


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