Thursday, February 21, 2013

Croissants, croissants, croissants! (and some things that aren't croissants, but are related to croissants)

Yay, back to recipes! But first, a confession. I've never really been a huge fan of pastries. There, I said it!

Croissants? I recognize that they're good, but I don't really love them. I'd much prefer something heartier or less buttery (sorry!). However, whenever I see them, I'm still really drawn to baking them (and other pretty treats), so I'm oh so fortunate to know quite a few people who like to eat them. :)

I've made vegan croissants once before (a few years ago with my sister - and we filled them with homemade pumpkin butter!), and had been meaning to make them for a while - but it wasn't until I was inspired by a series of wonderfully written posts featuring beautiful pictures and GIF tutorials on a blog called Top With Cinnamon (and had a spontaneous day off from work!) that I finally got around to making them.

Monday, February 18, 2013

A very long post about Nepal! :D

Hey there! I'm in Kenya for a week now after returning to Mexico and have lots to share about my (super duper short/whirlwind) trip to Nepal (Kathmandu)! I was there with my job to help instruct a workshop, and got the chance to spend a couple extra days to explore some more and visit a friend (hi Greg!).

Hopefully I'll have as much to share about Nairobi soon, but so far I've just been between offices and the hotel (I want to see some large animals!).

Because of the time constraints, I wasn't able to get out of the Kathmandu, but I did get to see some beautiful temples, wander, get lost, get un-lost, experience a bit of the culture and meet some amazing people.

For the first several days of my trip, I was mostly near Thamel, one of the more concentrated and touristy areas of Kathmandu. There were lots of restaurants and shops, but also a great and entirely sense-overwhelming outdoor market place, Asan tol.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Photos from Nepal (more soon!)

Post about Nepal coming soon! I'm in Nairobi, Kenya now for the last of the three workshops. I had a week at home spent catching up on sleep, working, chasing after lost (still lost :( ) luggage, baking croissants (this coming soon too!) and battling stomach bugs before hopping back on a plane and spending another two days in-and-between airports. Eek!

So until I have time to put together something nice, here is a whole bunch of pictures*!  Enjoy! :) 
*without any contextual information in no meaningful order