Monday, April 15, 2013

Warming winter harvest salad

When I got back from Kenya (my fourth of four 40-hour trips in four weeks), I felt approximately like this: blueeeeuruuuughhh.

Sitting for so long on an airplane, eating mostly hotel food, and residual tummy troubles from India and Nepal (that you probably don't reallyyyy want to hear about) left my back in a crunch, my digestive tract in disarray (but on the bright side, probably the home to lots of new friends!), and me craving nothing more than movement, stretching, fresh vegetables and home-cooked meals. Oh, and sleep. :)

As I recovered, I mostly ate very basic foods as I tried to figure out what would and wouldn't cause my stomach to rebel against me. I ended up removing most grains and refined sugars, finding comfort in fresh and cooked vegetables, giiiiiiiinger, and citrus.

I also resolved to slow down and cook more deliberately, drawing from the recipes on other blogs that inspire me.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Catching back up

Hey all! Though I haven't had much time to post up here, I've still been having fun and experimenting in the kitchen.

Here's a quick peek of what I've been up to - hopefully I'll have time for more posts with recipes, and to explain how my face ended up in a giraffe's mouth, soon! :)

Until then...

A cabbage salad with roasted herbed carrots and sauteed leeks and green beans with a ginger lime dressing (inspired by The First Mess)

Whole roasted cauliflower with lemon-garlic herb dressing (inspired by The Meaning of Pie)

Dilly beans!! (lacto-fermented, of course)

Home-mmmmmmmmade (and completely scrumptious) bibimbap (inspired by Green Kitchen Stories)

Flour-free nut and seed bread (wonderful recipe from My New Roots)

Quick red cabbage, cucumber and mango salad with spicy sesame dressing

Tie-dying our window curtains with turmeric?!

Salad with daikon radish and sesame peanut sauce (hanging out with some homemade kimchi, bubbling away)

... all together with some roasted winter veggies...

... and miso soup, makes the meal.

Spicy roasted chickpea snacks (inspired by Relish)

More bibimbap. I've actually made this three times in the past month, and once two nights in a row, it's really that easy and good.

Sunflower seed, swiss chard, and spinach pesto

Raw brownies (inspired by My New Roots)

... oh, and this.

More coming soon!