Monday, July 1, 2013

Crazy for kimchi!

Kimchi. Kimchi! KIMCHI! As a long time fan of fantastic fermented foods (okay, that was too much alliteration, even for me), when kimchi made its sour, spicy, and salty (AHH! there is it again!) appearance in my life, I couldn't help but dive into the proverbial tub, soon to be actualized in your own kitchen, of its zingy, vibrant, probiotic goodness. 

(... actually, I don't recommend doing that, you'd probably smell like garlic forever). 

Not only is kimchi delicious on its own and in everything from traditional eats like kimchi pajun (pancake) and kimchi jigae (stew) to asian-inspired salads, stir-fries, and sandwiches - it's also naturally fermented and chock-full of cute little lactic-acid bacteria that (or, so I've been told) are quite good for you and your tummy. 

Sure, you could buy a big tub of kimchi at your local Korean market, but here at the blarg we're about getting in the kitchen, and getting our hands dirty - and in this case, SPICY!

And most importantly, make it with friends! More hands means diverse cultures to get your kimchi bubbling. Not to mention, more fun (and help with clean-up.... muahahah).